Great Leap Forwards

About me:

  • Started working at ABELSoft after graduating with a Computer Science diploma from Sheridan College
  • Moved up from a junior developer to senior, to lead developer, and lastly to development manager of the Medical division
  • During my time at ABELSoft, I worked on many different projects and platforms, including SCO XENIX, DOS, and Windows
  • Worked a lot on shell-scripts, C code, C++, and a bit of Java.
  • Joined Janna in 2000, and was in charge of the Server Development projects, which included their application server and handheld synchronization
  • Around 2001, when Siebel acquired Janna, became a senior manager in Institutional Finance
  • My head-count varied in the next few years, the biggest count was 15 FTEs, plus a couple of on-site partner developers, and a few remote developers helping with our projects
  • Most of my time at Siebel involved overseeing projects, and managing staff. Tasks included making sure development procedures were followed, reviewing product requirement and design documents, and working with developers, product managers, project managers, QA teams, etc.
  • In 2003, after being laid off from Siebel, decided to go back to being hands-on, and started doing contract software development
  • Started Great Leap Forwards as a sole-proprietorship, and incorporated in 2007
  • Most of the contract projects have been in Windows applications, with a focus on the back-end, web-services and other facets

Other items you might want to know
  • My Lenovo ThinkPad T15g is still running smoothly, with lots of disk-space and memory
  • Currently have a MSDN subscription; and using Visual Studio 2022 and other various Microsoft offerings
  • Among using various software applications, LinqPad being one of my favourites
  • Subscribed to PluralSight and Linked-In Learning, since I believe ongoing personal development is important

To see my duties over the years, check out these coding charts

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